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There are numerous federal and provincial government incentive programs available to businesses, including funding for numerous programs, low-interest loans, etc. In our experience, the vast majority of businesses are either not aware of the programs or do not take advantage of them. We have significant experience in these matters and have provided past clients millions of dollars in savings. Some of the programs available are:

  • We work closely with clients as they grow their business.Scientific research and experimental development tax credits
  • Funding for hiring and/or training new employees
  • Fuel Tax Rebates
  • Working with Universities on product development 

Please contact us by phone at 705-346-2155, send us an email to see if your business qualifies for a program. Initial consultations are always free. Our price for services can be based on a percentage of the funding you receive. This means if you do not receive money from the government there is no charge for our services.


To ensure the best possible service to our clients, we work continually to retain a professional edge by maintaining active memberships in various trade and community associations and being up to date on the latest accounting and bookkeeping software.

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